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Bet on yourself


For me as much as I want 2018 to be “THE” year. It is my year to set up for the YEARS to come. I’m finally taking the time to build my vision, let’s just say January was a trial run. I came up with a few tips to share to get the ball rolling. Growth is about brainstorming and evaluation, without these your plan will never work. In previous years I have noticed that execution was not my strong point and I allowed procrastination to hold me back. This year I’m committed to that changing. I challenge you to meet me at your checkpoint, we’re not worrying about the finish line just yet.

1. Pray about everything! Don’t move until your at peace with your decision. Intuition ties into peace and peace comes from prayer.
2. Evaluate yourself. Who are you? What do you believe? When do you work best? And so many other who, what, when, where and how’s. I have a mirror in my room and I often stop by to do a self check. Check yourself often but don’t forget to say how amazing you are as well. You are what you speak and think.
3. Make a realistic plan. I write down my big goal and then go and break it down by quarters. What I need to do by when. Goals don’t happen over night and progress comes in steps.
4. Don’t start anything your not 100% committed to. This is a biggie because once the momentum dies down its three times as hard to get something started again.
5. Talk to yourself daily. Your with yourself ALL day. Who knows you more than you know yourself? Most of the time it’s easier to talk yourself out of something great than it is to talk yourself into it.
6. Take a minute BEFORE you need it, but it’s what you do in that minute that counts. Most of the time we take time out when we need to or after we’ve had a breakdown. Take time out before you get overwhelmed.
7. Quotes and theories…. Scriptures and song lyrics. This is how I relate to my feelings, success, failure and memories. My quote for this season has been “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”. Songs help me get going in the morning, quotes help me figure myself out.
8. You have to do whatever it is for yourself! It’s great that your parents, kids and whomever else will benefit, but will that get you past the “I don’t want to” days?
9. Know that success is just like going to the store and purchasing a lottery ticket except when you bet on yourself you always win. Growth and a lesson learned is always a win no matter how bad it hurts or stains. Failure is one of life’s best teacher.

See ya soon!

Wishing you patience and peace!

Patrice Johnson

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