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Top 10 ways for moms to celebrate Mother’s Day!

Although everyday is MOMday, Mother’s Day gives us a day when we’re recognized and shown appreciation for the job that we do daily. Here are some ideas for celebrating MOMday with more thought and less cash.

  1. Do something special for your mom. Whether she’s still here on earth, resting in peace or the relationship is somewhat estranged. Take time to reflect, rejoice and or release. Write a nice poem, create a photo album, cook her brunch or make a phone call.
  2. Spend some QUALITY time with your kids. Have a fuss free day! Enjoy the time spent and the memories that can not be replaced.
  3. Show the mom that inspires you some love! Tell her how she has helped to keep you going.
  4. Feed your spirit! Great thing Mother’s Day is on a Sunday. Regardless of if you talk to the moon, spread it out in the Universe, enjoy a good sermon or all three.
  5. Praise how far you’ve come in parenting. Set goals for where you want to be.
  6. Have a moms night in or out with a few friends.
  7. Take some family photos. No need to go professional, if it’s not in the budget. Out of 10 clicks with your cellphones 🎥 I’m sure you’ll get a winner!
  8. Treat yourself to something nice! Reserve a no deposit down trip on, search the web for free events coming up, plan something exciting to look forward to. Splurge at the dollar store, have your favorite meal, paint your toes, just do something YOU want to do. On May 19th join us for out annual Mother’s Appreciation Event.
  9. Join a mommy group on Facebook. Inspired mom is my personal fave, but there’s so many others out there.
  10. Put the kids to bed early. The rest is up to you!! 😉

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