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8 tips for easing back into the school routine

Hey, Mama!

Summer break is almost over. That was fast! It’s time to get back into the swing of things. If last year was rough, we’re gonna make it better! If last year was great we’re gonna make it superb! The school that my daughter attends returns on July 25th so we’re already in our preparation phase. I must admit, I’m excited for the year! Its success and overcoming its struggles. Here are my 8 tips to get you back into the school year groove.

1. Push bedtime up! We all know that this is the HARDEST! After spending 30 plus days with a relaxed schedule getting back to routine sucks! Get the little one(s) prepared for the daily bedtime shut down.

2.Stop sleeping in! Wakey wakey, time for eggs and bakey! We also have to practice getting up a little earlier.

3. Let them help you with the pre-planning. Menus, snacks,  uniform lay out. Last year I got the girls things prepared for the next day along with mine. My oldest will be in 3rd grade and now the task is her own. This does not mean that I won’t oversee it. It just means if she’s not looking cute that day it’s on her. No snack, it’s on her. Responsibility  is mind, feelings,  action and preparation.

4. Let them express themselves with their clothes. Even if your little people wear uniforms, allow them to accessorize and add their own flavor. This is per school restrictions.

5. Make returning to school exciting. Extracurricular activities have many benefits. So many that I will post a blog about them in my “back to school” series. Personally I feel every student should have at least one.  I understand the struggles and time restraints of parenting but this is one, worth the sacrifice.

6. Label the things not attached to your little person. It’s so easy for the to loose ANYTHING! So jackets, lunch box, water bottle, gym bags all those things that they carry need to have a label.

7. How will you have order? How will you remember events and schedules? Will a family  calendar be helpful? Everything should have a place and or a system. EVERYTHING!

8. Practice new and old routines. Funny thing… growing up I always said I didn’t want a routine. Now I yearn for one! It helps to get everything accomplished. It also keeps us motivated by the power of a completed to do list

I hope this helps the kickoff to a better year!

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