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Fall Bucket List

Fall is here! Bring on the cinnamon, pumpkins and leaf 🍁🍂 piles. This year I’ve decided to create a fall bucket list for my family. I always see them on Pinterest and    think it’s a good way to have fun, stay on budget and most important create more memories.  A list of 15 fun things to do with the family, and yes most of them will be free.   A budget friendly list, that sounds like a plan. Hopefully you will join me in creating a list of your own.

1. Rent electric scooters and go for a ride.

2. Apple picking.

3. Bake with the kids.

4. Tea and yoga on the porch.

5. Random act of kindness.

6. Finish picture book.

7. Decorate Moms door.

8. Go to the state fair.

9. Family photo shoot.

10. Put together a large puzzle.

11. Go Trick or treating.

12. Movie night with treats and crafts.

13. Write a list of why we’re thankful.

14. Host a bonfire.

15.  Post this list so I can remember it. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Fall fun ahead!   LETS GOOOOOO!

Wishing you peace, paitience and sweet memories on your parenting journey! Patrice



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