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Why are moms night out free?


Transparent MOMent….

I always said I would have a child at 25 and I did. I was not ready as most of us aren’t. During the pregnancy, I realized that me and her dad would not make it as a couple.  It was ruff! I cried a lot! I was so stuck on the idea that I didn’t want to be a baby mama, not realizing that was only half the battle. I didn’t have a full-time job, so no benefits, no paid time off and no job to return to. Post delivery was just as sad as the pregnancy. I was living with my mom and I eventually took a minimum wage job. I had a hand full of friends and no one to talk to. No one my age to discuss the joys and pains of parenting. The frustrations, emotional and financial hurdles that I had to face. I was in debt, no car, and sometimes it looked like there was no way out. I needed an outlet, but going out takes money. Free entry and all, you need money. Mental clarity triumphs all and you can’t fight the battle outside and expect to win if you don’t have peace inside of you. Bills, problems and negative emotions are a ball that keeps on rolling. You have to take a moment and press the reset button, clear it all away, have a good laugh, shed a few tears and meet some friends that understand . That’s how it started, because it was something that I needed. It was negative feelings that I needed to replace. It’s because I understand how frustration feels like a balloon and that your gonna POP! So that’s why this is  home of the “FREE Moms Night Out” and will forever be. 

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