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Accepting the blessings and everything attached.

I believe in the power of God and manifestation. As many of the things that I prayed and asked the universe for become apart of my life I realize it’s exciting yet overwhelming. This past weekend my mom turned 70 and my daughter is in her last year of single digits. 🙁 So with a slumber party, two dinner parties and a toddler that’s acting toddler-ish, I AM DRAINED. On top of that no matter how much I organize and clean up, we still have way to much stuff. On top of that I’m searching for a house and new car. Every last one of these things are major blessings, but it’s a lot! Planning, preparation, decisions, to do list, execution, brainstorming and labor.

With this I realized that most blessings aren’t stress free, there’s work attached . When you’re ready to receive the blessings, you have to be prepared to tackle everything that it brings. More money, more problems. More responsibility, longer to do list. More property, more maintenance. I’m asking, I’m believing, I’m receiving, and I’m gratefully exhausted in joy.

Wishing you all the blessings you can handle!


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