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17 ways to turn “I’m Bored” to BUSY.

Finding things to occupy those minds, hands and unlimited energy can be easy or frustrating. As with everything PLANNING makes it easier. Knowing the things that your child(ren) enjoy is 90% of the battle. I can give my 2 year old a dollar water bottle, sit on the porch and she’ll be entertained for a while. The 9 year old is always looking for something creative to do. These are some of the activities and methods I use so that I can hear that phrase a lot less. Most of these are for my oldest but of course you cant tell the little one she can’t participate, it will be WAR!

  • Have a morning/afternoon or night routine in place. My kids start the day off with yoga class via Youtube and a few chores.
  • Send them on a hunt for something that’s easy to find or not. 🙂
  • Give them quiet time options. (coloring, reading, math practice)
  • Write a letter to a friend and or relative.
  • Practice/learn a new hobby.
  • Create a book/comic strip.
  • Outside chalk (tell a story).
  • Siblings? Contest best fort, drawing…. or make it a team effort.
  • Let the kid(s) hide something and make a treasure map for you to use
  • Online games, coding, chess, etc.
  • Creation station from recyclable materials.
  • Science experiment.
  • Cook a new recipe.
  • Create fashion show, party for you to attend later (and yes they need to make an invitation).
  • If they want to make a YouTube video, they need to make a storyboard first.
  • Make magnets for friends and family.
  • Create an item they would like to sell.
  • Kids love to organize, give them a task!

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