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Incorporating your Heavenly Angels in this holiday season!

Although death is a part of life, it’s doesn’t erase a broken heart, unspoken words or warm hugs. This can make the holidays not as joyous as they were once before. Memories are triggered by that smell, song, feeling and space that was once shared. In this post I’m sharing a few ideas to bring a little spark back to Christmas. I love DIY activities because they are a form of therapy! That’s a great post idea for me to share in the near future…. In this post I’m using the five senses to trigger and celebrate the spirit of your loved ones.

  • Catch a whiff of your loved one by spraying a fragrance that reminds you of them.
  • Scented candles (place their picture beside it)
  • Turn one of their shirts into a pillow.
  • Create a dedicated playlist to keep their memories going and make your heart smile.
  • Is their a voicemail you saved, or a video to play back?
  • Cook their favorite meal.
  • Master their signature dish.

As always wishing you peace and patience on your parenting journey! PATRICE J.

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