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Mindfulness in Parenting

Can you believe that we are in a New Decade! Happy New Year, Inspired MOM! Lately, I’ve given myself the task of being mindful in my parenting. Because, it is so easy to get caught up in the responsibilities parenting involves that we forget to enjoy the journey. Because OUR lives are forever changing to adjust to the needs of self and family. Here are some that I use that may help combat the stress of being a mom. It’s a whole mood for me, I’m easily triggered! 🤷‍♀️

  • For our morning routine, I get myself ready before I wake the girls up. We can’t all battle at the same time and therefor whatever help they may need I can offer it without frustration.
  • While Christmas shopping I picked up a 365 Devotional for moms that I added to my morning routine. (Come to think of it, it may be best if I read this before I pick them up from school.
  • So the bullet before led me to this one. We talk to God more as a family! I have to say before that I fell off a little bit with our prayers and I honestly don’t even have an explanation as to why. But we’re back!
  • I put my phone away before bedtime. Hello, My name is Patrice and I’m easily distracted by social media.
  • Always look at the reality of the situation and prepare yourself to put your feelings on hold.
  • Lastly, FIND YOUR TRIGGER! There are those things in life and parenting that bring out the negative feelings and reactions. When you learn what they are, you can work on resolving them.

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