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Reflections vs Shadows

A few years ago while going through one of my “life lessons”. I was inspired to write about shadows versus reflections. It was the battle of what people viewed me as, how I saw myself and what “shade” my actions or presence left behind.  Although I never put my words on paper, I never forgot about the titled blog that I would one day write. There are so many ways to look at these two words, two different, yet similar views and which of each, on a personal level matters most. I will try my best to articulate  the thoughts from my mind.

When you look up the definition of shadows in the dictionary one of the many definitions read, the dark figure cast upon a surface by a body intercepting the rays from a source of light. Websters definition of reflections is the production of an image by a mirror. The breakdown…

Reflections mirror what is sent out: shadows only shows an outline.

Reflections can only be seen in the light and heard in the echo: shadows need the light but can only display darkness.

Reflections are heard, seen and thought: Shadows are mostly seen as a bigger image than that of the original.

A reflection shows only what is there, a clear image: shadows show a shape leaving a guess of what it could be.

I know that I have not scratched the surface of what this means to me. And I hope this sparks a thought for you as you continue your journey of self. Your reflection, how YOU see yourself, matters most. Your willingness, consistency and dedication to being you, creates a reflection that YOU love. Look into your eyes to self reflect, check in with self,  give YOU pep talks, because it’s all about what you see in the mirror,  not the outline that shadows portray.

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