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How strong is your self- love?

In the last blog I introduced an activity that will support one of the missions of inspired MOM, strengthening family bonds. Within that mission and activity, it gives US as moms an opportunity to evaluate our own self love, our partnerships and the feeling of love that is expressed within our family. As important as it is to make sure that the kids understand what love is, we have to make sure we understand what it means to us as well. My thoughts… love is a feeling! A while ago I created a list of “What does self love feel like to me?”. After Gods love, there’s self love. I encourage you to create your list as well. Even though some material things may be on your list manicures, hair care, massages are wonderful, but self love shouldn’t always equate to spending money. Everything starts from inside and that natural glow shines out. We got this! We’re on a mission!

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