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    My top 5 Mom memes

    For today’s post I’m sharing some of my favorite mom memes. In motherhood you have to laugh to keep from  crying. It’s a beautiful struggle!  True life? 😆😆😆 As always wishing you a peaceful journey!                                                                       Patrice

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    Why are moms night out free?

                                                                      Transparent MOMent…. I always said I would have a child at 25 and I did. I was not ready as most of us aren’t. During the pregnancy, I realized that me and her dad would not make it as a couple.  It was ruff! I cried a lot! I was so stuck on the idea that I didn’t want to be a baby mama, not realizing that was only half the battle. I didn’t have a full-time…

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    10 Fall free events for families to enjoy

    Here’s a list of fun freebies for you and the family to enjoy. As always wishing you the best, on your parenting journey!                                                                                                        Patrice   Atlanta Streets Alive                                                              …

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    Fall Bucket List

    Fall is here! Bring on the cinnamon, pumpkins and leaf 🍁🍂 piles. This year I’ve decided to create a fall bucket list for my family. I always see them on Pinterest and    think it’s a good way to have fun, stay on budget and most important create more memories.  A list of 15 fun things to do with the family, and yes most of them will be free.   A budget friendly list, that sounds like a plan. Hopefully you will join me in creating a list of your own. 1. Rent electric scooters and go for a ride. 2. Apple picking. 3. Bake with the kids. 4. Tea…

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    8 tips for easing back into the school routine

    Hey, Mama! Summer break is almost over. That was fast! It’s time to get back into the swing of things. If last year was rough, we’re gonna make it better! If last year was great we’re gonna make it superb! The school that my daughter attends returns on July 25th so we’re already in our preparation phase. I must admit, I’m excited for the year! Its success and overcoming its struggles. Here are my 8 tips to get you back into the school year groove. 1. Push bedtime up! We all know that this is the HARDEST! After spending 30 plus days with a relaxed schedule getting back to routine sucks!…

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    Summer camp: The good, the bad and the ugly.

    With less than 2 weeks to go before schools out most parents have made their summer plans, but here’s to the few still making decisions. First things first, summer camp is a luxury that everyone can not afford. The average cost  for  summer camp in Atlanta is $230 a week! With 7 weeks out,  that’s a mortgage payment. Luckily for some their are free programs out there, but more than likely those have been grabbed up by now. With free and low cost always remember you get what you pay for. Not to bash them all, because I’ve heard of some really good free programs. but I’ve also heard horror…

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    Top 10 ways for moms to celebrate Mother’s Day!

    Although everyday is MOMday, Mother’s Day gives us a day when we’re recognized and shown appreciation for the job that we do daily. Here are some ideas for celebrating MOMday with more thought and less cash. Do something special for your mom. Whether she’s still here on earth, resting in peace or the relationship is somewhat estranged. Take time to reflect, rejoice and or release. Write a nice poem, create a photo album, cook her brunch or make a phone call. Spend some QUALITY time with your kids. Have a fuss free day! Enjoy the time spent and the memories that can not be replaced. Show the mom that inspires…

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    Bet on yourself

      For me as much as I want 2018 to be “THE” year. It is my year to set up for the YEARS to come. I’m finally taking the time to build my vision, let’s just say January was a trial run. I came up with a few tips to share to get the ball rolling. Growth is about brainstorming and evaluation, without these your plan will never work. In previous years I have noticed that execution was not my strong point and I allowed procrastination to hold me back. This year I’m committed to that changing. I challenge you to meet me at your checkpoint, we’re not worrying about…