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    How strong is your self- love?

    In the last blog I introduced an activity that will support one of the missions of inspired MOM, strengthening family bonds. Within that mission and activity, it gives US as moms an opportunity to evaluate our own self love, our partnerships and the feeling of love that is expressed within our family. As important as it is to make sure that the kids understand what love is, we have to make sure we understand what it means to us as well. My thoughts… love is a feeling! A while ago I created a list of “What does self love feel like to me?”. After Gods love, there’s self love. I…

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    Reflections vs Shadows

    A few years ago while going through one of my “life lessons”. I was inspired to write about shadows versus reflections. It was the battle of what people viewed me as, how I saw myself and what “shade” my actions or presence left behind.  Although I never put my words on paper, I never forgot about the titled blog that I would one day write. There are so many ways to look at these two words, two different, yet similar views and which of each, on a personal level matters most. I will try my best to articulate  the thoughts from my mind. When you look up the definition of…

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    Mindfulness in Parenting

    Can you believe that we are in a New Decade! Happy New Year, Inspired MOM! Lately, I’ve given myself the task of being mindful in my parenting. Because, it is so easy to get caught up in the responsibilities parenting involves that we forget to enjoy the journey. Because OUR lives are forever changing to adjust to the needs of self and family. Here are some that I use that may help combat the stress of being a mom. It’s a whole mood for me, I’m easily triggered! 🤷‍♀️ For our morning routine, I get myself ready before I wake the girls up. We can’t all battle at the same…

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    Incorporating your Heavenly Angels in this holiday season!

    Although death is a part of life, it’s doesn’t erase a broken heart, unspoken words or warm hugs. This can make the holidays not as joyous as they were once before. Memories are triggered by that smell, song, feeling and space that was once shared. In this post I’m sharing a few ideas to bring a little spark back to Christmas. I love DIY activities because they are a form of therapy! That’s a great post idea for me to share in the near future…. In this post I’m using the five senses to trigger and celebrate the spirit of your loved ones. Catch a whiff of your loved one…

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    17 ways to turn “I’m Bored” to BUSY.

    Finding things to occupy those minds, hands and unlimited energy can be easy or frustrating. As with everything PLANNING makes it easier. Knowing the things that your child(ren) enjoy is 90% of the battle. I can give my 2 year old a dollar water bottle, sit on the porch and she’ll be entertained for a while. The 9 year old is always looking for something creative to do. These are some of the activities and methods I use so that I can hear that phrase a lot less. Most of these are for my oldest but of course you cant tell the little one she can’t participate, it will be…

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    Top 4 ways to enjoy winter break with the family.

    This week Atlanta Public School parents get a chance to make some extra memories with their kids and take a break from the hustle of the school year. I’ve decided to share a few tips to help. Don’t forget to take a day off for rest. I open up and close my break with a rest day. 4. KITCHEN TIME. This is absolutely one of my favorites because it’s something we have to do, it’s teaching them a life lesson, inexpensive and spending quality time. Cooking with the kids can be just as simple as going to the dollar store purchasing a cake mix box, cup cake liners and icing.…

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    Accepting the blessings and everything attached.

    I believe in the power of God and manifestation. As many of the things that I prayed and asked the universe for become apart of my life I realize it’s exciting yet overwhelming. This past weekend my mom turned 70 and my daughter is in her last year of single digits. 🙁 So with a slumber party, two dinner parties and a toddler that’s acting toddler-ish, I AM DRAINED. On top of that no matter how much I organize and clean up, we still have way to much stuff. On top of that I’m searching for a house and new car. Every last one of these things are major blessings,…

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    9 ways to know you’re not done healing.

    For a long time I judged the actions of others harshly, with the attitude of “couldn’t be me”. I quickly learned that judging, and not understanding a situation because I hadn’t been through it, brought it right to my door steps. So a few years ago, and some situations on top of that, I was hurt. The hurt where others joined in. The hurt that a bottle of alcohol started to make numb. The hurt where I started turning against myself. After I removed myself physically, the pain still lingered, so I had to make it my priority to heal! It was a hard road, especially having to communicate with…

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    2019 is already the “BEST YEAR YET”!

      I can already feel the magic that 2019 has brought into my life. Yep, it’s already lined up according to God speed. Last year had its ups, downs, curves and tears but we survived! Through out the year I was guided with faith and favor and redirected with self-evaluation. Most goals are not accomplished because there’s more focus on the goal and not the behavior and attitude towards it. You may fail to save every year because you’re looking at the money your loosing now. Changing your attitude towards it will help you understand loosing $50 per pay period equals $1300 at the end of the year, to take…

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    My top 5 Mom memes

    For today’s post I’m sharing some of my favorite mom memes. In motherhood you have to laugh to keep from  crying. It’s a beautiful struggle!  True life? 😆😆😆 As always wishing you a peaceful journey!                                                                       Patrice