Founding MOM/CEO

Note from the founder

Welcome, MOM! To a place created just for you. I’m the founder Patrice Johnson and I look forward to joining you on your parenting journey. Everything I’ve ever wanted to do is expressed through inspired MOM. I’ve always had a love for planning events and creating products and now my passion has a purpose. After giving birth to my daughter things became a little more clear. I was inspired by Motherhood! God gave me a major blessing and responsibility. During pregnancy, and after having my daughter, I went through a world of emotions and found myself not wanting a hand out just a little help up. I was on a financial and emotional roller coaster, but luckily my faith did not waver. With my faith and my family I pulled through and came out of it with a need to help other moms on their journey. inspired MOM is that haven for MOM’s that need a hug, some direction and a little inspiration. I live to be an inspiration to others, NOT because i’m the perfect MOM but because I work towards becoming better everyday. Sometimes it seems like it’s easier to give up, but don’t give in! Take a nap, a break, turn on the radio or whatever you need to do to renew your energy and your faith. Remember there is someone watching you. You’re your child’s super hero, first friend and first example of how to be an adult. Be the Mom you want them to remember.


Love always,

Patrice Johnson

“Be a blessing to your children”